Hermeneuti.ca is a collaborative project by Stéfan Sinclair & Geoffrey Rockwell to think through computer-assisted text analysis for humanists. This site is a compantion to the book Hermeneutica book (MIT, 2016) and Voyant Tools. This site includes online versions of the practical interlude chapters from the book with dynamic panels from Voyant. You may also be interested in visiting TAPoR and the Methods Commons (in development).

Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents of Hermeneutica. The linked chapters, called interludes, are available in interactive form here. We also have additional resources below.

  1. Introduction: Correcting Method
  2. The Measured Words: How Computers Analyze Texts
  3. From the Concordance to Ubiquitous Analytics
  4. The Swallow Flies Swiftly Through: An Analysis of Humanist (First Interlude)
  5. There’s a Toy in My Essay: Problems with the Rhetoric of Text Analysis
  6. Now Analyze That! Comparing Two Speeches on Race (Second Interlude)
  7. False Positives: Opportunities and Dangers in Big-Data Text Analysis
  8. Name Games: Analyzing Game Studies (Third Interlude)
  9. A Model Theory: Thinking Through Hermeneutical Things
  10. The Artifice of Dialogue: Thinking Through Scepticism in Hume’s Dialogues (Fourth Interlude)
  11. Agile Hermeneutics and the Conversation of the Humanities


  1. Finding and Preparing Text is a short guide on preparing texts for analysis
  2. Resources is a collection of annotated links
Hermeneutica Book Image

Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities (available from MIT Press, Amazon).