Voyant Help Files

Voyant Help Files

Welcome to the Voyant Help Files. These are short pages designed to show you how to do things in Voyant. We will be developing them as people ask us questions. Feel free to send us tricks you have learned or ask us questions.

Protecting Your Corpora

What if you want to protect access to confidential data in Voyant? Normally you upload texts to Voyant which indexes them and gives them a Corpus ID that you or anyone else can use to access them through Voyant. Learn how to restrict access or use Voyant locally to protect confidential data with Using Confidential Data in Voyant.

Editing Stopword and White Lists

In Voyant tools like Cirrus, Terms, and Links you can edit the Stopword list that is used to exclude words. There is also a White word List feature if you want to limit the words used. Learn more with our Stopword and White List Help File.

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